Welcome to the Voip Rate Tracker

The Voip Rate Tracker hopes to help the users, that use Voice Over Internet Protocol services to call phones or send SMS, on the hard task of finding the better provider for their needs.

This site focus on the prepaid voip providers which very often change their rates without any notice to its customers. It is a common practice for the providers to raise some and lower other destinations.

Here you will be able to:

  • Compare and find the best VOIP provider for your needs
  • Follow the changes on the rates of the providers
  • Find the best deals, discounts and free calls for the countries you call the most
  • Receive alerts when specific rates change.

The website is still being developed. Therefore not all the functions may be available.

Whats new:

05/05/2012 - New providers added: StuntCalls and VoipYo
25/03/2012 - New provider added, LocalPhone
10/03/2012 - New provider added, EcoCaller and BudgetSip was removed as the service no longer exists.
08/01/2012 - Spanish site ONLINE!!!
07/01/2012 - New providers added: FastVoip and OneVoip
06/01/2012 - New providers added: VoipALot and EasyVoip
07/12/2011 - We started the translation of the site to spanish. We will be brief!
23/05/2010 - After major problem we moved to a new host. Some bugs still need fixing. Also new providers will be added soon
20/09/2009 - The functionality to alert the users on specific rate changes is now available. This functionality is free of any charge. Login or register now.
05/09/2009 - Major Bug fixing - Last week some functionalities of the website were not working properly due to major code review that caused some bugs. We hope now everything is ok. We apologize for the trouble.
23/08/2009 - Rate variation charts are available for each provider and country. Check them out
18/08/2009 - Providers VoipBlast, DialAbroad and MyOnlineCall were added.
14/08/2009 - Last simulations made on the sites, together with the results are listed.
20/07/2009 - The Portuguese version of the website is available
09/07/2009 - The Free Calls list is available
04/07/2009 - Several bug fixes
27/06/2009 - Provide the prices on USD$ and other currencies (testing phase)
25/06/2009 - Bug Fix - if provider does not support SMS , it is still included in the calculation if the user does not provide SMS requirements
23/06/2009 - Latest rate increases and decreases of each provider are available on its respective detail page.
19/06/2009 - The Provider Finder Wizard is available
18/06/2009 - Best an worst deals of each provider are available on its respective detail page.
17/06/2009 - Latest rate changes on the first page
16/06/2009 - Beta version is release
14/06/2009 - Current rates information is available
12/06/2009 - Betamax providers are added
10/06/2009 - Rate information starts being gathered


- Complete information for each provider
- Add the possibility for the user to define notifications
- Add new voip providers - Suggest your provider