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  • SIP: This feature allows the user to make calls with HOTVOIP using any SIP compatible device (router, phone, fax etc) without needing a computer. Furthermore this feature allows you to take advantage of HOTVOIP low rates in your smartphone (iPhone,Windows Mobile, Android or Symbian) with applications like Fring
  • Phone to Phone: You can now choose to make your HOTVOIP calls via your regular phone with the Phone-to-Phone feature. This is a neat feature which enables you to take your HOTVOIP call on your home or mobile phone.
    To setup a call, HOTVOIP will first dial YOUR phone number. As soon as you pick it up, we will dial the other number and you can start talking.
  • Local Access Number: Local Access Number allows the user to make Call-by-Call calls with HOTVOIP low rates. With this feature you can benefit from the low prices of calling using Voip with your landline or mobile phone.
    In the website of HOTVOIP you will find the access number for your region. Then you just need to call this number and dial the destination number.
  • SMS: HOTVOIP offers various ways to send ultra cheap text messages! You can use HOTVOIP software or use the SMS option in your personal pages.
    You can send text messages through the client, the website or using a HTML link. It may also possible to schedule your text messages or send an SMS to multiple recipients.
  • Area Code: This feature allows the user to dial local numbers without having to use international and regional code. Consult HOTVOIP website for more informations.
  • Reselling: HOTVOIP gives the user the possibility of reselling the service. Look for more details in HOTVOIP webpage.

    Best deals

    CountryRate TypePrice
    Afghanistan Cell Phone0.104
    American Samoa Landline0.017
    American Samoa Cell Phone0.017
    Angola Cell Phone0.081
    Argentina SMS0.040
    Belgium SMS0.046
    Benin Landline0.161
    Bermuda Landline0.023
    Bermuda Cell Phone0.023
    Bhutan Landline0.040
    Brazil SMS0.041
    British Indian Ocean Territory Landline0.362
    British Indian Ocean Territory Cell Phone0.362
    British Virgin Islands SMS0.035
    Bulgaria SMS0.044
    Canada SMS0.051
    Cayman Islands SMS0.035
    Central African Republic Landline0.230
    Chile SMS0.040
    China SMS0.048
    Comoros Landline0.184
    Congo Cell Phone0.253
    Cuba Landline0.604
    Dominica SMS0.035
    Dominican Republic SMS0.040
    East Timor SMS0.035
    East Timor Landline0.305
    Egypt Landline0.046
    Egypt Cell Phone0.046
    Ethiopia Cell Phone0.115
    Ethiopia Landline0.121
    Faeroes Islands SMS0.035
    French Guiana Landline0.006
    Greenland Cell Phone0.242
    Grenada SMS0.035
    Guinea-bissau SMS0.040
    Guinea-bissau Landline0.247
    Guyana SMS0.040
    Guyana Landline0.167
    Indonesia Cell Phone0.029
    Ireland Landline0.006
    Italy SMS0.075
    Jamaica SMS0.035
    Japan SMS0.040
    Kiribati Landline0.345
    Kiribati Cell Phone0.345
    Latvia SMS0.040
    Lebanon SMS0.040
    Lesotho Landline0.138
    Lithuania Cell Phone0.012
    Macao SMS0.035
    Martinique SMS0.035
    Mayotte Landline0.012
    Mozambique Cell Phone0.092
    Myanmar Landline0.035
    Netherlands SMS0.056
    New Caledonia Landline0.109
    Northern Mariana Islands Landline0.017
    Northern Mariana Islands Cell Phone0.017
    Northern Mariana Islands SMS0.069
    Pakistan Landline0.012
    Palau Landline0.190
    Palau Cell Phone0.190
    Papua New Guinea Landline0.351
    Peru Landline0.012
    Peru Cell Phone0.023
    Puerto Rico SMS0.040
    Reunion Landline0.012
    Russian Federation Landline0.009
    Russian Federation Cell Phone0.035
    Samoa Landline0.023
    Samoa Cell Phone0.023
    Senegal Cell Phone0.224
    Serbia And Montenegro SMS0.035
    Slovak Republic SMS0.035
    Slovenia Cell Phone0.023
    South Korea SMS0.060
    Cell Phone0.144
    St Kitts And Nevis SMS0.035
    Cell Phone0.006
    St Vincent And The Grenadines SMS0.035
    Swaziland Cell Phone0.058
    Tonga SMS0.040
    Trinidad And Tobago SMS0.035
    Turks And Caicos SMS0.035
    Tuvalu Landline0.345
    Tuvalu Cell Phone0.345
    Us Virgin Islands Landline0.006
    Us Virgin Islands Cell Phone0.006
    Us Virgin Islands SMS0.047
    Vanuatu Landline0.334
    Venezuela Landline0.012
    Venezuela Cell Phone0.012
    Viet Nam Landline0.035
    Viet Nam SMS0.040
    Viet Nam Cell Phone0.046
    Wallis And Futuna Landline0.224
    Zambia Cell Phone0.115

    Last update: 2015-08-02 03:05:07

    Worst deals

    CountryRate TypePrice
    Botswana Landline0.155
    Gambia Landline1.121
    Mayotte SMS0.081
    Rwanda Landline0.224

    Last update: 2015-08-02 03:05:07

    Last decreases


    CountryRate TypePrice Variation
    Azerbaijan Landline0.173(-0.005)
    Uruguay Landline0.035(-0.005)
    Turks And Caicos Cell Phone0.173(-0.005)
    Philippines Cell Phone0.104(-0.005)
    Niue Cell Phone0.334(-0.005)
    Niue Landline0.334(-0.005)
    Myanmar Landline0.035(-0.005)
    Indonesia Landline0.035(-0.005)
    Greenland Landline0.242(-0.005)
    Gabon Cell Phone0.265(-0.005)
    Croatia Landline0.035(-0.005)
    Colombia Cell Phone0.035(-0.005)
    Barbados Cell Phone0.173(-0.005)
    Bangladesh Landline0.012(-0.005)
    Slovenia Cell Phone0.023(-0.006)
    Slovak Republic Cell Phone0.052(-0.006)
    Senegal Cell Phone0.224(-0.006)
    Philippines Landline0.092(-0.006)
    Peru Cell Phone0.023(-0.006)
    Oman Landline0.092(-0.006)
    Nepal Cell Phone0.086(-0.006)
    Somalia Cell Phone0.259(-0.006)
    St Kitts And Nevis Cell Phone0.184(-0.006)
    Cell Phone0.006(-0.006)
    Sudan Cell Phone0.109(-0.006)
    Suriname Cell Phone0.167(-0.006)
    Tonga Landline0.339(-0.006)
    Turkmenistan Cell Phone0.115(-0.006)
    Turks And Caicos Landline0.155(-0.006)
    United Arab Emirates Cell Phone0.109(-0.006)
    Morocco Cell Phone0.276(-0.006)
    Montserrat Cell Phone0.155(-0.006)
    Montenegro Cell Phone0.270(-0.006)
    Bosnia-herzegovina Cell Phone0.270(-0.006)
    Central African Republic Landline0.230(-0.006)
    Central African Republic Cell Phone0.282(-0.006)
    Chad Landline0.224(-0.006)
    Comoros Cell Phone0.230(-0.006)
    Dominica Cell Phone0.184(-0.006)
    Eritrea Landline0.190(-0.006)
    Grenada Cell Phone0.184(-0.006)
    Kenya Cell Phone0.075(-0.006)
    Lebanon Landline0.069(-0.006)
    Mexico Cell Phone0.017(-0.006)
    Mauritius Landline0.086(-0.006)
    Mauritania Cell Phone0.328(-0.006)
    Mauritania Landline0.328(-0.006)
    Malawi Cell Phone0.236(-0.006)
    Liechtenstein Cell Phone0.138(-0.006)
    Liberia Cell Phone0.276(-0.006)
    Senegal Landline0.205(-0.008)
    Tajikistan Landline0.104(-0.011)
    Norway Cell Phone0.012(-0.011)
    Mayotte Landline0.012(-0.011)
    Marshall Islands Cell Phone0.150(-0.011)
    Marshall Islands Landline0.150(-0.011)
    Macedonia Cell Phone0.242(-0.011)
    Macedonia Landline0.104(-0.011)
    Lebanon Cell Phone0.121(-0.011)
    Belarus Landline0.265(-0.011)
    Serbia And Montenegro Cell Phone0.201(-0.012)
    Kyrgyzstan Cell Phone0.138(-0.012)
    Kuwait Cell Phone0.023(-0.012)
    Iraq Cell Phone0.138(-0.012)
    Honduras Landline0.086(-0.012)
    Guinea-bissau Landline0.247(-0.012)
    Ethiopia Cell Phone0.115(-0.012)
    Armenia Cell Phone0.161(-0.012)
    Cell Phone0.144(-0.017)
    Paraguay Landline0.023(-0.017)
    Jamaica Landline0.150(-0.017)
    Gabon Landline0.305(-0.017)
    Cuba Cell Phone0.587(-0.017)
    Afghanistan Cell Phone0.104(-0.017)
    Rwanda Landline0.224(-0.023)
    Nicaragua Cell Phone0.184(-0.023)
    Nicaragua Landline0.109(-0.023)
    Malawi Landline0.167(-0.023)
    Jamaica Cell Phone0.150(-0.023)
    East Timor Landline0.305(-0.023)
    Armenia Landline0.115(-0.023)
    Sudan Landline0.092(-0.029)
    Latvia Cell Phone0.046(-0.029)
    Ethiopia Landline0.121(-0.029)
    Cook Islands Landline0.477(-0.029)
    Slovenia Landline0.090(-0.031)
    Mali Landline0.196(-0.034)
    Nauru Landline0.489(-0.034)
    Sao Tome And Principe Cell Phone0.477(-0.035)
    Gambia Cell Phone0.454(-0.041)
    Swaziland Cell Phone0.058(-0.046)
    Samoa Cell Phone0.023(-0.075)
    Samoa Landline0.023(-0.075)
    Angola Cell Phone0.081(-0.115)
    British Indian Ocean Territory Landline0.362(-0.133)
    British Indian Ocean Territory Cell Phone0.362(-0.133)
    Seychelles Cell Phone0.236(-0.339)
    St Helena Landline0.420(-0.362)
    St Helena Cell Phone0.420(-0.362)

    Last increases


    CountryRate TypePrice Variation
    Congo Cell Phone0.253(+0.002)
    Turkey Cell Phone0.086(+0.003)
    Uzbekistan Landline0.023(+0.003)
    British Virgin Islands Cell Phone0.178(+0.005)
    Guatemala Landline0.109(+0.005)
    Botswana Cell Phone0.155(+0.005)
    Botswana Landline0.155(+0.005)
    Vanuatu Cell Phone0.339(+0.005)
    Georgia Cell Phone0.155(+0.005)
    St Vincent And The Grenadines Cell Phone0.178(+0.005)
    Congo Landline0.236(+0.005)
    Kyrgyzstan Landline0.109(+0.005)
    Chile Cell Phone0.012(+0.006)
    Moldova Landline0.230(+0.006)
    Palau Cell Phone0.190(+0.006)
    Antarctica Cell Phone0.282(+0.006)
    Togo Cell Phone0.219(+0.006)
    Taiwan Cell Phone0.069(+0.006)
    Palestinian Territory Landline0.127(+0.006)
    East Timor Cell Phone0.305(+0.006)
    Zambia Cell Phone0.115(+0.006)
    United Kingdom Landline0.139(+0.006)
    Colombia Landline0.029(+0.006)
    Djibouti Cell Phone0.265(+0.006)
    Macao Cell Phone0.046(+0.006)
    Anguilla Cell Phone0.167(+0.006)
    Latvia Landline0.012(+0.006)
    Switzerland Cell Phone0.098(+0.006)
    Antarctica Landline0.282(+0.006)
    Ivory Coast Landline0.161(+0.006)
    Falkland Islands Cell Phone0.489(+0.006)
    Falkland Islands Landline0.489(+0.006)
    Faeroes Islands Cell Phone0.075(+0.006)
    Faeroes Islands Landline0.075(+0.006)
    Wallis And Futuna Cell Phone0.224(+0.011)
    Monaco Cell Phone0.293(+0.011)
    Grenada Landline0.184(+0.011)
    Wallis And Futuna Landline0.224(+0.011)
    Seychelles Landline0.322(+0.011)
    Northern Mariana Islands Landline0.017(+0.011)
    Cambodia Landline0.046(+0.011)
    Cuba Landline0.604(+0.012)
    Burundi Landline0.351(+0.012)
    Libya Cell Phone0.190(+0.012)
    St Lucia Cell Phone0.196(+0.012)
    Uganda Landline0.236(+0.012)
    Guyana Landline0.167(+0.012)
    Guinea-bissau Cell Phone0.345(+0.017)
    Papua New Guinea Landline0.351(+0.017)
    Somalia Landline0.276(+0.017)
    Papua New Guinea Cell Phone0.351(+0.017)
    Tanzania Landline0.230(+0.017)
    Albania Landline0.132(+0.017)
    Tajikistan Cell Phone0.115(+0.017)
    Belize Landline0.173(+0.018)
    Tunisia Landline0.357(+0.018)
    Belarus Cell Phone0.242(+0.018)
    St Vincent And The Grenadines Landline0.127(+0.018)
    Afghanistan Landline0.167(+0.023)
    Kenya Landline0.098(+0.023)
    Tanzania Cell Phone0.247(+0.023)
    Madagascar Landline0.437(+0.029)
    Guinea Landline0.293(+0.034)
    Guinea Cell Phone0.316(+0.034)
    Tunisia Cell Phone0.362(+0.034)
    Sierra Leone Cell Phone0.339(+0.034)
    Ascension Islands Cell Phone0.466(+0.035)
    Ascension Islands Landline0.466(+0.035)
    Sierra Leone Landline0.339(+0.040)
    Norfolk Island Landline0.449(+0.041)
    Azerbaijan Cell Phone0.265(+0.046)
    Micronesia Cell Phone0.138(+0.052)
    Micronesia Landline0.138(+0.052)
    Lesotho Landline0.138(+0.057)
    Maldives Landline0.541(+0.058)
    Chad Cell Phone0.385(+0.063)
    Anguilla Landline0.098(+0.081)
    French Polynesia Cell Phone0.178(+0.086)
    Maldives Cell Phone0.535(+0.092)
    Kiribati Landline0.345(+0.224)
    Kiribati Cell Phone0.345(+0.224)