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Provider Name: TELBO

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Payment Methods Accepted: visa  visa-electron  mastercard  paypal  ukash  transfer  western-union  cashu 

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  • Local Access Number: Local Access Number allows the user to make Call-by-Call calls with TELBO low rates. With this feature you can benefit from the low prices of calling using Voip with your landline or mobile phone.
    In the website of TELBO you will find the access number for your region. Then you just need to call this number and dial the destination number.
  • SMS: TELBO offers various ways to send ultra cheap text messages! You can use TELBO software or use the SMS option in your personal pages.
    You can send text messages through the client, the website or using a HTML link. It may also possible to schedule your text messages or send an SMS to multiple recipients.
  • Area Code: This feature allows the user to dial local numbers without having to use international and regional code. Consult TELBO website for more informations.
  • Reselling: TELBO gives the user the possibility of reselling the service. Look for more details in TELBO webpage.

  • Best deals

    CountryRate TypePrice
    Andorra SMS0.034
    Argentina Landline0.000
    Australia SMS0.034
    Azerbaijan SMS0.034
    Bahrain SMS0.034
    Bangladesh SMS0.034
    Belize SMS0.034
    Benin SMS0.034
    Bolivia SMS0.034
    Bosnia-herzegovina SMS0.034
    Brazil Landline0.000
    Brazil SMS0.041
    British Indian Ocean Territory Landline0.748
    British Indian Ocean Territory Cell Phone0.748
    Brunei Darussalam SMS0.034
    Burkina Faso SMS0.034
    Canada Landline0.000
    Canada Cell Phone0.000
    Cape Verde SMS0.034
    Central African Republic SMS0.034
    China Landline0.000
    China Cell Phone0.000
    Comoros SMS0.034
    Congo SMS0.034
    Czech Republic Landline0.000
    Denmark Landline0.000
    Denmark SMS0.034
    Estonia SMS0.036
    Ethiopia SMS0.034
    Ethiopia Cell Phone0.128
    Finland SMS0.057
    France Landline0.000
    Gabon SMS0.034
    Georgia SMS0.034
    Germany Landline0.000
    Greenland SMS0.034
    Hong Kong SMS0.034
    Iceland Cell Phone0.011
    Indonesia SMS0.034
    Ireland Landline0.000
    Ireland SMS0.034
    Israel SMS0.034
    Italy Landline0.000
    Ivory Coast SMS0.034
    Jordan SMS0.034
    Kazakhstan SMS0.034
    Kyrgyzstan SMS0.034
    Laos Landline0.064
    Liberia SMS0.034
    Lithuania SMS0.034
    Lithuania Cell Phone0.214
    Macao Landline0.011
    Macao SMS0.034
    Macedonia SMS0.034
    Madagascar SMS0.034
    Malawi SMS0.034
    Malaysia SMS0.034
    Maldives SMS0.034
    Mali SMS0.034
    Malta SMS0.034
    Mauritania SMS0.034
    Mayotte SMS0.034
    Monaco Landline0.021
    Mongolia SMS0.034
    Morocco SMS0.034
    Mozambique SMS0.034
    Nepal SMS0.034
    New Zealand Landline0.000
    Norfolk Island Cell Phone0.534
    Norway Landline0.000
    Palestinian Territory SMS0.034
    Panama SMS0.034
    Paraguay SMS0.034
    Philippines SMS0.034
    Portugal Landline0.000
    Reunion SMS0.034
    Rwanda SMS0.034
    Serbia And Montenegro SMS0.034
    Seychelles SMS0.034
    Slovak Republic SMS0.034
    Slovenia SMS0.034
    Solomon Islands Landline0.321
    Spain Landline0.000
    Sri Lanka SMS0.034
    Sweden Landline0.000
    Sweden SMS0.034
    Switzerland Landline0.000
    Tajikistan SMS0.034
    Tanzania SMS0.034
    Thuraya Landline1.068
    Thuraya Cell Phone1.068
    Togo SMS0.034
    Tonga SMS0.040
    Turkmenistan SMS0.034
    Tuvalu Landline0.321
    Tuvalu Cell Phone0.321
    United Arab Emirates SMS0.034
    Uzbekistan SMS0.034
    Vanuatu SMS0.034
    Zambia SMS0.034
    Zimbabwe SMS0.034

    Last update: 2016-12-08 03:05:07

    Worst deals

    CountryRate TypePrice
    Albania Cell Phone0.353
    Angola Cell Phone0.256
    Burkina Faso Cell Phone0.289
    Burundi SMS0.136
    Cameroon Landline0.214
    Cyprus Cell Phone0.064
    Egypt Landline0.161
    Egypt SMS0.050
    Equatorial Guinea Cell Phone0.427
    Iran Cell Phone0.161
    Iraq SMS0.045
    Jordan Cell Phone0.192
    Kuwait SMS0.109
    Monaco Cell Phone0.321
    Myanmar SMS0.143
    Netherlands SMS0.091
    New Caledonia SMS0.174
    Norway SMS0.067
    Poland SMS0.072
    Puerto Rico Cell Phone0.021
    Romania SMS0.083
    Samoa SMS0.050
    Solomon Islands Cell Phone0.695
    Sudan Landline0.182
    Turkey SMS0.092
    Ukraine Cell Phone0.192
    United Kingdom SMS0.070
    Viet Nam SMS0.046
    Yemen Landline0.192

    Last update: 2016-12-08 03:05:08

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